Softwares development

At B&T we develop your Web, Desktop or mobile applications with the latest Technologies. You have a Problem? Don't worry we can help you find the solution. We provide solutions in languages such as php, Java, c#, scala, haskel, python or visual basic. With our experience in Software development, if we can't find a solution to your Problem it is probably not possible. At B&T client's satisfaction is our priority.

Penetration Testing

You have a Web application or network System you want to secure against the most skilled hackers? You made the right choice to come to us. At B&T, we perform Web and network penetration tests, ensuring that owasp top 10 attacks as well as the latest critical cve listed vulnerabilities are covered and exposed whereever they are on your system. Contact us and let's discuss your scope.

Test Automation

Manual Software testing is sometimes tidious and slow. We know it. That is why we provide automated Tests for your System. Together let's develop a test Strategy which suits your system best and improve the quality of your tests. Our solutions range from network layer All the way up to application layer. Let's make your tests a significant added value.